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I Am a Woman in This Society
I'm a woman living in a society that cannot be pleased...
If I wear short clothes, I'm a slut
If I wear long clothes, I'll never get laid.
If I play video games, I want to "impress" boys  
If I don't play video games, I'm just like "other girls"
If I don't wear makeup, I'm ugly
If I wear makeup, I'm fake
If I'm skinny, I'm anorexic
If I'm thick, I'm obese
If I say yes, I'm a slut
If I say no, I'm selfish
If I'm a virgin, I'm precious
If I'm not a virgin, I'm a whore
If I say I'm pretty, I'm conceited
If I say I'm ugly, I'm an attention seeker
No matter what, I will always be given labels...
Why is that?
Because I'm a woman living in a society that cannot be pleased.
:iconwordswithwings:WordsWithWings 13 6
You Are My Sunshine | Tadashi Hamada x Reader
"You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine..."
Your eyebrows furrowed as you read your book with an intense look on your face. Tadashi raised an eyebrow as he saw your reflection on the dark computer screen that he and Hiro shared. He swiveled the chair around, seeing you in the same position. Giving a small smile, he stood up, walking towards his bed. Even though he sat down right next to you, your eyes did not leave the page.
Tadashi gave a small chuckle.
"Is it that interesting?" he asked.
"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!" you shushed, placing your finger on his lips without looking up from your book.
Tadashi gave you a mock look of dissaprovel, before leaning in and quickly placing a kiss on your cheek. You gave a grunt in reply, but continued reading. Tadashi placed another kiss on your cheek, this time his lips lingering slightly.
"I love you, you know that right?" Tadashi asked.
You shut your book, and Tadashi flinched at the sound
:iconwordswithwings:WordsWithWings 185 73
Sunset Love | Tadashi Hamada x Reader
The soft thinking of bells rang throughout the café. A woman with frizzy brown hair and green eyes lifted raised her head towards the door to greet the incoming customer. A smile graced her thin lips as she spotted a familiar face.
"Hello [Name]!" the woman says, a look of delight evident on her features.
"Hello Ms. Hamada," you say, returning the friendly tone, "how are you doing?"
"Oh just splendid! A little tired, but I can still power through!" she laughs, "And how many times have I told you that Cass or Aunt Cass is fine? Ms. Hamada makes me feel too old!"
You give a sheepish shrug and chuckle, settling yourself on one of the chairs. You glance at the staircase, waiting for a familiar face to walk down the stairs.
"The usual?" Aunt Cass calls out, balancing a few trays as she walks by your table. She places orders in front of the remaining guests in the café, exchanging a smile to each.
"Ah, no thank you," you answer, giving an apologetic smile, "I'm waiting for-"
:iconwordswithwings:WordsWithWings 349 55


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