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I Am a Woman in This Society
I'm a woman living in a society that cannot be pleased...
If I wear short clothes, I'm a slut
If I wear long clothes, I'll never get laid.
If I play video games, I want to "impress" boys  
If I don't play video games, I'm just like "other girls"
If I don't wear makeup, I'm ugly
If I wear makeup, I'm fake
If I'm skinny, I'm anorexic
If I'm thick, I'm obese
If I say yes, I'm a slut
If I say no, I'm selfish
If I'm a virgin, I'm precious
If I'm not a virgin, I'm a whore
If I say I'm pretty, I'm conceited
If I say I'm ugly, I'm an attention seeker
No matter what, I will always be given labels...
Why is that?
Because I'm a woman living in a society that cannot be pleased.
:iconwordswithwings:WordsWithWings 14 7
You Are My Sunshine | Tadashi Hamada x Reader
"You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine..."
Your eyebrows furrowed as you read your book with an intense look on your face. Tadashi raised an eyebrow as he saw your reflection on the dark computer screen that he and Hiro shared. He swiveled the chair around, seeing you in the same position. Giving a small smile, he stood up, walking towards his bed. Even though he sat down right next to you, your eyes did not leave the page.
Tadashi gave a small chuckle.
"Is it that interesting?" he asked.
"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!" you shushed, placing your finger on his lips without looking up from your book.
Tadashi gave you a mock look of dissaprovel, before leaning in and quickly placing a kiss on your cheek. You gave a grunt in reply, but continued reading. Tadashi placed another kiss on your cheek, this time his lips lingering slightly.
"I love you, you know that right?" Tadashi asked.
You shut your book, and Tadashi flinched at the sound
:iconwordswithwings:WordsWithWings 190 74
Sunset Love | Tadashi Hamada x Reader
The soft thinking of bells rang throughout the café. A woman with frizzy brown hair and green eyes lifted raised her head towards the door to greet the incoming customer. A smile graced her thin lips as she spotted a familiar face.
"Hello [Name]!" the woman says, a look of delight evident on her features.
"Hello Ms. Hamada," you say, returning the friendly tone, "how are you doing?"
"Oh just splendid! A little tired, but I can still power through!" she laughs, "And how many times have I told you that Cass or Aunt Cass is fine? Ms. Hamada makes me feel too old!"
You give a sheepish shrug and chuckle, settling yourself on one of the chairs. You glance at the staircase, waiting for a familiar face to walk down the stairs.
"The usual?" Aunt Cass calls out, balancing a few trays as she walks by your table. She places orders in front of the remaining guests in the café, exchanging a smile to each.
"Ah, no thank you," you answer, giving an apologetic smile, "I'm waiting for-"
:iconwordswithwings:WordsWithWings 358 55


A Hero For Fun - Saitama x Reader {One-shot}
You heart sank as his head did, the blank look in his eyes emptier than usual. He wiped and hand over his face and frowned, feeling your stare on him.
“What?” he intoned, flat and bored. But something trembled in his voice, and you caught the finest fibers of unrest in it and his quiet, shuddering breath.
“You didn’t have to do that.”
All of those people. All of those heroes. They would have been obliterated—along with a good portion of the other cities—if Saitama hadn't stepped in again.
“I didn’t have to do anything,” he pointed out, laying back on his mattress and sighing. Displeased, you scooted closer and leaned over him so that when he cracked an eye open, he peered directly into your face.
“But you did. And you always do. So why don’t you cut yourself some slack and take credit where it’s due?”
Saitama’s eyebrows drew again and he twirled a lock of your hair around his finger.
“I don&
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 397 45
One Punch Man: Humanly Functions [Genos X Reader]
A/N: This is something I've been genuinely curious about ever since I saw Genos eating and bathing with Saitama. But also, Tumblr is partially to blame for this creation. Anyway, enjoy! Saitama Lemon not far off. And yes, you saw that correctly.
Disclaimer: I, Nefertiti, do not own any of the characters, series, movies, or products. I do own this story whether or not this idea is original or not.
Warning: Nothing all explicit, but there is some hinting toward a more adult theme.
Humanly Functions
Genos was something of an oddity to you. When you first met him, sure, he was very attractive with his choppy blonde locks, and pale face. Yet he still has the body of a machine pieced together with the most advanced equipment known to man. Yet for such an advancement, he still behaved and functioned primarily as a human being with the need to eat, sleep, and bathe.
For some time, you had been pondering Genos' involvement in these basic human needs
:iconlildeviantmuse:LilDeviantMuse 82 17
I love my bean by AkasunaNoDei I love my bean :iconakasunanodei:AkasunaNoDei 495 35 Voltron: Cosmic Love by Owlyjules Voltron: Cosmic Love :iconowlyjules:Owlyjules 490 26 space dad hugs by miyumon space dad hugs :iconmiyumon:miyumon 2,698 132 VOLTRON - Shiro by lauren-bennett VOLTRON - Shiro :iconlauren-bennett:lauren-bennett 1,599 30 #055 Lights Color Study by SolKorra #055 Lights Color Study :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 387 9 Lance Ready For Fight! by SolKorra Lance Ready For Fight! :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 1,036 19 Pidge Ready for Fight! by SolKorra Pidge Ready for Fight! :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 1,056 12 Hunk Ready for Fight! by SolKorra Hunk Ready for Fight! :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 653 13 Keith Ready for Fight! by SolKorra Keith Ready for Fight! :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 1,089 21 Shiro Ready for Fight! by SolKorra Shiro Ready for Fight! :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 1,411 21
Shiro x Reader - Domestic Pt. II
        Pilot failure your ass.  You’ve been on flights with your fiance at the helm, and you had never felt safer.  Shiro knew what he was doing in the air, and there was no way that it was his fault that the exhibition was lost.  Maybe abducted by aliens?  That was more likely than this ‘pilot failure’ crap the garrison had reported on TV.
        Despite the immediate anger at watching the broadcast, that night you cried yourself to sleep.  You had been missing Shiro as it was - your bed was always cold since he left for his mission to one of Pluto’s moons - but this was simply horrid.  You didn’t feel particularly sad, so you didn’t believe that Shiro was dead.  He was just lost, and he’d make his way home again.  He was good with direction.
        For the next week, your neighbors
:iconmelynie:Melynie 73 12
Shiro x Reader - Domestic
        That man, he was something else.  You had never been with someone so wonderful, who fit all your needs and who needed you as much as you needed him.  You were in love.  There was really no other way to put it.
        When you were in high school, you had fantasies of one night stands and drunk shenanigans as you worked and studied yourself half to death in college, but that’s not exactly how it happened to play out.
        Instead, you had a steady job working retail and you were engaged to marry, all thoughts of college out the window.  The debt would just be harmful, because how likely was it that the degree would even give you an advantage?  Answer: it wouldn’t.  Besides, you likely wouldn’t have met Shiro otherwise.
        He was two years older than your nineteen, a
:iconmelynie:Melynie 91 10
Shiro X Reader |:. Can You Imagine? .:|
    Shiro often found himself hiding away in one of the tallest towers in Allura's castle. It felt safe, and it was nice to be away from the rest of the team sometimes. Not only that, but sometimes he needed to cry. He had been lucky to escape, and lucky that Pidge's family was still alive, but not everyone had been so lucky. Hundreds and thousands of people were still in trouble, and Shiro could do little to nothing about it until they took out the man in charge. But it was already to late for some, a woman in particular. His woman.
    (Y/n) (L/n) was a very strong, and every hot headed woman. When Shiro had been taken captive, he had ended up sharing a cell with her, and it had taken all but three seconds for him to fall in love. She was perfect- Loyal, tough, and god she was beautiful. Sometimes Shiro wondered why it had to be her. Leave it to the universe to give you someone so perfect, so true, and then tear it away.  
A quiet sigh escaped Shiro's lips, a
:iconpureawesome22:pureawesome22 76 6
Tresses | Victor Nikiforov
Victor Nikiforov x Hairdresser!Reader
"You want me to what?!"
Victor gave a large, closed-lip grin in spite of your anxious vociferation, his eyes alight with the kind of mischief that suggested he liked seeing you in an uncomfortable panic. In fact, he looked as if he had simply asked you to make a cup of tea or  give Maccachin a bath,
not rid him off all of his waist-long, silvery hair.
Your heart rammed against your chest, and already you could feel the sweat pooling in your palms, fingertips trembling. For several seconds, Victor remained unfazed and said nothing --only a reassured, confident bob of his head. When you tried to speak, your words were a stammering, almost incomprehensible mess,
"B-but why?!"
"Why not?" He winked, his voice light as a feather, "Truthfully, it's becoming an nuisance during performances --a distraction. Perhaps, I'm just ready for the change, and who better to ask than you?"
"Veek-tor!" Came the apprehensive squea
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 89 12



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